The future of medical imaging is at hand

Automatic interpretation of ultrasound based on artificial intelligence

The technology that puts ultrasound in everyone's hands

GeoNomy, Geography of anatomy, created in October 2021 by three co-founders from the Mulhouse area of France, is specialized in the development of applications capable of automatically interpreting ultrasound films in real time using AI.

In the world of medical imaging, ultrasound is by far the most widely used technique. Even though ultrasound imaging can be very informative, it uniquely requires the most practice and experience to successfully decipher images.

With ultrasound, more than with other imaging modalities, automatic interpretation can not only facilitate and enrich the procedure for frequent ultrasound users, but also, and above all, opens access to unreached health care professionals that could incorporate ultrasound into their practices.

Geonomy is developing a platform for the automatic interpretation of ultrasound images describing what the sonographer sees in real time as the examination proceeds.

Co-founder – CEO/CMO

Dr Kolmer

How is it done?

A simple solution that automatically deciphers images as they are generated

Our GeoNomy application acts directly on images made by any ultrasound scanner in real time, thanks to the dedicated electronic module GeoNomy Universal Connect, without modifying the usual examination procedure. Our application adds two layers of information:
  • A description of anatomy and organs encountered
  • Detection of predefined pathologies if present

Compatible with existing equipment

Easily adapts to any type of ultrasound scanner for seamless integration

We understand the importance of flexibility and adaptability in the world of medicine. That’s why our system has been designed to be compatible with all types of ultrasound systems on the market. Our application connects directly with your existing ultrasound system, without any need to replace or purchase expensive hardware. This broad compatibility allows you to quickly and easily integrate our AI-powered solution into your medical practice, optimizing your diagnostic process while minimizing costs.

Why choose GeoNomy?

The benefits of our artificial intelligence-based medical imaging solution

GeoNomy offers a state-of-the-art medical imaging solution that fits in your virtual pocket, designed to meet the needs of health care professionals everywhere including medical deserts. GeoNomy’s automatic ultrasound film interpretation platform uses deep learning algorithms developed in-house to illustrate ultrasound images.